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  1. [ALL THEMES] Translate Theme Into Other Languages
  2. [ALL THEMES] Where You Find Visual Composer or Revolution Slider Licenses
  3. [ALL THEMES]- You Cannot Install Recommended Plugins
  4. [ALL THEMES]-Add More Positions (Sidebars) For Tab
  5. [ALL THEMES]-Fatal Error With date_create_from_format()
  6. [ALL THEMES]-How To Change "Professor" To Another Word, For Example "Faculty"
  7. [EZ CAROUSEL]-How to use EZ carousel with several images
  8. [GAMEPLAN] - How To Fix Visual Composer's Errors
  9. [GAMEPLAN]- Having Blank Space On Top Of Body Content In HomePage
  10. [GAMEPLAN]-Google Map Shortcode Doesn’t Work When Entering The URL Provided By Google
  11. [GAMEPLAN]-How To Configure The Social Icons On The Top Of The Page
  12. [GAMEPLAN]-How To Create Custom Sidebars To Build Homepage As Seen On Our Demo
  13. [GAMEPLAN]-How To Create Slider Of Portfolio Page
  14. [GAMEPLAN]-How To Make The Logo Size Closer To Image's Native Sizing
  15. [GAMEPLAN]-Importing Media Failed/ Your Images Cannot Be Displayed Like Demo Page
  16. [GAMEPLAN]-Styling Revolution Slider
  17. [GAMEPLAN]-Use Icons in Main Navigation
  18. [TRUEMAG]- Course Listing Page - List All Courses In A Category
  19. [TRUEMAG]-How To Change The Color Of The Title And Text From Gray To Black As In The Demo
  20. [TRUEMAG]-How To Fix BuddyPress 2.1 Error
  21. [TRUEMAG]-How To Fix When There Are Some YouTube Videos With 4:3 Thumbnail
  22. [TRUEMAG]-How To Remove The Comment Box From Appearing On All Pages
  23. [TRUEMAG]-Visual Composer License
  24. [UNIVERSITY] How To Achieve The Description Text Below Main Menu
  25. [UNIVERSITY] How To Create The Social Icon In Top Nav Menu

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