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[TRUEMAG] Some feature images of YouTube videos are in wrong size
Last Updated 3 years ago


First, let us explain how Video Thumbnail plugin (VT plugin) works:

1. Each YouTube video has several thumbnail images, from max resolution size (HD) to smaller sizes (check this post:

2. VT plugin checks if a video has max resolution size first. It that image does not exist, it will check the smaller generated size (0.jpg)

For example:

1. This video: (*) does not have HD image ( VT plugin uses the smaller one ( which is 480x360px to fetch into Feature Image

2. This video: has HD image ( which is 1280x720px so it uses this image to fetch into Feature Image

TrueMag needs to use images at 520x293px , thus it cannot cut the small one into correct size. That's the problem.

Solutions (beside uploading your own custom images)

1. Wait for VT plugin to update. Although this one (*) does not have HD image, it has SD image size ( 640x480px. Currently VT plugin ignores this size. If the plugin uses this size, that will fix the problem.

2. You can use this Custom CSS to hide the extra height of the incorrect image size (pasted in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS): However, part of the image will be hidden.

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