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[UNIVERSITY]- How To Create A Custom Menu widget in Sidebar
Last Updated 3 years ago

In order to create a Custom Menu widget in Sidebar, please follow these steps below

- First, please go toAppearance > Menus and create  a new menu

- Install Custom Sidebar plugin (go to Plugins > Add New > search for Custom Sidebar)

- Go to Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar, choose Create a custom new Sidebar

- After  a new sidebar is completely created, please click Sidebar Location and then check Main Sidebar to assign the new sidebar to the position of Main Sidebar

- Drag "Custom Menu" widget into the New sidebar, then select the new menu created above (step 1) and save it

- Please go to Pages > Add New/Edit page > Sidebar in right column. You can replace the default Sidebar here. It is easy to select sidebar you want to show for this post.

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