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[ALL THEMES] How to change a word without code modification.
Last Updated 3 years ago

You want to edit some word but the theme has no option help you do that. So you can change a word by translating it. You can follow these steps to do:

1. Using the Poedit software to edit language file:

As an example, I want to edit the word “Professor” on University theme. So I find and edit this word at wp-content/themes/university/languages/university.po by using Poedit. Save the changes.

– The word you need to change:

– Find it in PoEdit:

2. After you save the catalog, you will see a new file ““. If you are using English( United States), change the file name to ““. Just so, you changed the word successfully.

If you use another language, name the file with your own language code. You can find your language code at here

– Name your .mo file with your language code.

– The result:

NOTE: To avoid losing this change when you update the theme. You should translate from Child theme. Please find more details of translating from Child theme in this list:

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